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Applies to all products unless otherwise noted

legal warranty period 24 months. For many products, you can also get an individual manufacturer's warranty or's additional warranty.

LUXKELLAD.EE WARRANTY guarantees the proper functioning of all products sold according to the manufacturer's specifications within 24 months from the date of purchase.

The prerequisite for applying for a warranty is careful handling of the product, targeted use of the product in accordance with the manufacturer's user manual, as well as adherence to the recommended maintenance intervals.

The warranty does not cover wearing parts such as glasses, straps, gaskets, as well as damage to the mechanism and case, which may be caused by wear and mechanical destruction of wear parts (eg water ingress, worn seals on waterproof watches or bent crown waves, because water resistance is never a permanent feature of a watch).

In case of minor deterioration of the product properties, such as poorer accuracy of mechanical watches or reduced power reserve, which may result from daily use, reserves the right to decide only after an expert assessment by a watchmaker,'s warranty does not limit your rights as a consumer in relation to the seller's legal warranty obligation, but is at best an extension of those rights.


In many cases, in addition to the warranty (a legal requirement), you also get a manufacturer-specific warranty promise - mostly for a period of 24 months.

To use the manufacturer's warranty, please keep the purchase invoice during the warranty period, as we, as the sender, do not stamp the warranty cards. The manufacturers we work with accept the invoice as proof of purchase with the date of purchase and thus the start of the warranty period.

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