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When submitting a claim, always familiarize yourself with the terms of use of in advance.

The period for filing claims for the goods is 24 months from the handover of the goods to a private person. In the case of legal entities, the manufacturer's warranty period is used. The warranty does not apply to expenses arising from the use of the product. The batteries included with the goods have a warranty of 6 months

During the claim submission period, the Consumer is entitled to free repair or replacement of the product. If the product defect is due to the fault of the manufacturer, all material and manufacturing defects and the cost of labor and spare parts are covered. If the Goods have been sold to the Consumer, in the case of a defect appearing on the Goods within the first six months, it is assumed that it was already present at the time of the conclusion of the Sales Agreement, and the nature of the defect must be determined by has the right to delegate the identification of the defect to the manufacturer. In the event of a defect in the goods, the Consumer must inform, no later than two months after the appearance of the defect (VÕS § 220 (1)). In the event of a claim, within the first six months from the delivery of the Goods to the Consumer, the costs related to the repair of the item or the replacement of the item, in particular the transport, postal, labor, travel and material costs, shall be borne by or the Manufacturer (VÕS § 222 (4)). During the next 1.5 years, or the Manufacturer will bear the corresponding costs only if the Consumer's claim was justified. The notification (claim) must be sent within two months after the discovery of the defect. If the mentioned deadline is missed, the User loses the right to demand repair or replacement of the Goods from or the Manufacturer. undertakes to respond to the Consumer's complaint in writing or in a form that enables written reproduction within 15 days (TCS § 19 paragraph 6). In case of replacement of defective Goods or its detail, or the Manufacturer has the right to demand the return of the defective Goods or Goods detail from the User. If the User demands the repair of the Goods and the claim is justified, but does not do so within a reasonable time, the User may repair the Goods himself or have a third party do it and demand compensation from for the reasonable expenses incurred for this purpose. If the repair or replacement of the Goods is not possible or fails, or if or the Manufacturer unjustifiably refuses to repair or replace the item, or does not do so within a reasonable time after notifying him of the non-compliance with the terms of the contract, and the Consumer does not want or cannot have a third party make the repairs, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the Sales Agreement and return the Product to undertakes to return the purchase price paid on the basis of the Sales Agreement within 14 days of receiving a reasoned application and returning the Goods to

The basis for submitting claims is a document proving the purchase from the website.

The claim does not cover training, adjustment, maintenance, cleaning, restoration of the product to a commercial appearance, or the elimination of defects caused by non-compliance with the instructions for use or non-intended use.

The right to submit claims does not extend to damages incurred during transport after the product has been handed over to the buyer. will not eliminate defects that appeared during the right to submit claims free of charge, if it is caused by: • software errors installed in the device;• normal wear and tear;• improper use or maintenance, including if the device has been repaired or maintained by a person not authorized by the manufacturer;• the device or violation, replacement or removal of the part's serial number, control sticker or marking sticker; • if the Buyer has been informed by of the defects in it before purchasing the Goods; • external factors, including thunder, non-compliant electrical voltage and electrical voltage fluctuations, moisture, liquid, mechanical damage, etc. ;• the product does not work due to the owner's fault as a result of its incorrect operation, failure to follow the user manual, or if the defects were caused by careless storage, maintenance or overloading of the product;

Luxkellad.ее relies on the expertise (diagnostics) performed by the manufacturer's authorized representative to determine liability. If, as a result of the examination, it turns out that the defects are caused by the factors listed above, but the device can be repaired, the Consumer has the option of ordering a paid repair. A device with liquid damage, moisture damage and mechanical damage (Goods) will continue to be subject to repair only for a fee.

For the examination (diagnosis) performed on the device (Goods), the examination fee must be paid if is not responsible for eliminating the defect that has appeared on the device and it is not possible to repair the device. The Consumer must also pay the examination fee if the device is not found to be defective as a result of the examination (diagnostics) and the device meets the manufacturer's technical requirements.

The private customer does not have to pay the expert's fee during the first six months from the delivery of the Goods.

Defects caused by the manufacturer's fault usually take 2-3 weeks to be repaired from the time the product is handed over to the warranty service. If it turns out that the repair requires delivery of parts from abroad, the waiting time is extended to 45 working days.

If the Consumer submits a claim later than 6 months (up to 2 years) after receiving the Goods, or does not agree with's position, the Consumer must prove that:• it is a defect (non-compliance with the terms of the contract);• the defect or its cause existed at the time of handover of the device; • Luxkellad.ее or the Manufacturer's factory is responsible for the defect.

If has given a sales guarantee for the device, then guarantees the elimination of defects in accordance with the conditions of the sales guarantee.

To use the right to submit a claim, you must fill out an application (free form) and send it by e-mail:

The conditions for submitting a claim are valid together with the terms of use of